Almost there….


In less than a day, I will have 168 hours to do whatever the hell I please. Freedom from both jobs is very much needed right now before I go the retail equivalent of “postal”.
I have a little bucket list im going to attempt to put a dent in while im free….
first off im going to try and attempt some of the pages in this book…
IMG_20150801_214655500[1]Its full of pages of interesting and weird things to do…like sew the pages, throw the book, smear sticky things inside. Weird yes, but then again I am too, so it works.
Then I also want to…

Start a Project Life Journal. So much easier than scrapbooking
Smashbook. I have so many components I need to start using
Read at least one book. I have at least four in my Kindle that have been waiting
Go Kayaking. I haven’t gone in a few years actually, so I am long overdue
Finish A knitting project. Maybe a gift for someone or finish my scarf
See the Minions Movie. Been planning this one for a while. I love kid movies
Go on a random spontaneous adventure. I definitely could use some adventure. I have no life
Have a movie day. Maybe Jurassic Park…
So many other things…

 Even if I manage to do two of these things, I will be satisfied.

I always seem to want to write posts when I should be sleeping. What a bad habit and busy brain I have.
Wish me luck


artsy craftsy and lack of sleep


Sooo, I guess I’m going to try and be a blogger again. No one really looks at this thing anyway, so I guess it’s mostly for me

Over the last year or so, the trend of smash books, mixed media journals, art journals, and “junk” journals have been on the rise. Theres really nothing new about them, but they recently seem to be gaining more popularity. I think its mostly because there aren’t any rules, and I think that part excites¬†and terrifies people..“What do you mean do whatever I want how I want? Where are the directions? I can use glue, scraps of paper and paint all on the same page? How will I know I’m doing it right?? This is craft anarchy!!!”

If there has been anything I have ever noticed about people, it’s that they are afraid to try something new without being reassured first that they are doing it the right way. Its as if they feel that if they mess up just one tiny little aspect, the whole project will light on fire, burn the house down, and they will have to wear the crafting “cone of shame” for the rest of their existence….. {deep breath….} I digress….

These books are freedom of expression. They are “do whatever the fuck you feel like doing, and the hell with symmetry and balance. have a cool picture? glue it down. paint over the part you don’t like. pink and orange? Don’t mind if i do. now, write whatever you want. write it upside down and backwards if you want. No one can say shit… this is yours…”

I have a small collection of somewhat empty smash books that have been moving around with me for the last year, and I just recently purchased a mixed media art journal. And even though I know how to use them, and certainly have and inexhaustible amount of fodder and art mediums to shove in them, I myself am a little intimidated. These journals are a way for you to express yourself and your creativity… but it seems the little connection that goes from my brain to my fingers is always malfunctioning. I can never seem to get what I want or how I feel onto the page correctly. Every once in a while, after a couple hours I have a page I absolutely adore. Other pages take me weeks or months to finish, or end up in a papery grave. I am trying to stop and remember though… this is MY creative process. Its frustrating as hell, but its who I am and how I work. Its still very annoying though.

Hopefully as time goes on I will get up the nerve to post some pictures of my work. Maybe Ill get a pin on pinterest and feel all famous for 30 seconds. I was going to post a few pictures tonight, But I will save that for the next post. I have work in less than 5 Hours. Something I need to work on… getting all of the thoughts out of my head before 9pm. Ha.